how to deal with jealousy?

  1. studio02 answered: self improvement
  2. ionelpaun answered: good question! i’d say try to use it in a good, meaningful way! just use all that anger doing anything but show jealousy.
  3. mattkissick answered: Find something that you love doing and do it. Read a book, watch a movie, play a game. Take your mind off what makes you jealous.
  4. tommy131058 answered: look in the mirror and ask yourself why are you jealous if you are honest you will have the answer
  5. prideofthepanther answered: Just be happy, haters hate it when the person they hate is happy. It drives them mad
  6. justforclarafication answered: advice from peter cook: know that we’re all just jealous schoolchildren
  7. perchance answered: figure out the reasons why you’re jealous (depending on who you’re jealous of) and try to rationalise it out! :/
  8. ninikills answered: take a deep breath and dont let it take over you, dont give a shit actually the point is maintening your cool and emotional balance
  9. aggravatedhooliganism answered: work on your own insecurities. know that if, somehting is going to happen, it will regardless of your jealousy.
  10. lightsteel answered: you can’t…
  11. slapoint answered: You are bound to feel a variety of emotion, being that you are human. It’s okay to be jealous, but accept it and let it pass. Focus elsewhere
  12. thesyntaxofthings- answered: trust
  13. olish answered: tell me once you have the right answer!
  14. archisauce answered: a l w a y s l o v e ! <3
  15. cadeira answered: Love yourself more if you’re the one who’s jealous.
  16. nerdsarethenewhustlers answered: Ignore it, I know easier said than done.
  17. nymitty answered: it has to do with confidence in yourself. If you don’t think you’re doing your best, do better. once you do better, do better ;) gl!
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  19. misheelee answered: omg please lmk when you find out…
  20. 1924us answered: i like the dance dance dance answer. in the end, it’ll work out or it won’t. go with your gut my friend.
  21. kaffeikopp answered: Take a deep breath. That helps. Also, keeping things in perspective also does. But, it honestly depends on what kind of jealousy it is.
  22. ngocgreen7 answered: proud than they.
  23. theporcelainmanikin answered: I don’t know man, I don’t know. sorry.
  24. fortressinthesky answered: annihilate the self
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    When my best friend (he is a gay guy, I am a girl) hangs out with this other girl, I am always very jealous. I respond...
  26. winifredjay answered: Talk it out with a responsible and mature individual.
  27. thesociologist answered: Dance. Dance. Dance.
  28. crystal-catalyst answered: i dont know but when you have an answer tell me
  29. c3h8o answered: Chocolate.
  30. humbertoleal answered: it’s easy, you just don’t be.
  31. mr-andre answered: slap a bitch
  32. lemond answered: run if they don’t stop
  33. laniessa answered: Learn or try to do what that people does better than you, and do it better, if it’s a non-love related jealousy.
  34. kevinbarbee answered: Step 1. Acknowledge you are feeling it. Step 2. Ask if it is appropriate. Step 3. Be happy for others.
  35. narineacoke answered: Be honest with the person for who you’re jealous, speak, explain… no more!
  36. cosmiacian answered: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” -Ghandi. Eliminate greed, eliminate jealousy. Simple.
  37. neoncrayon answered: Find a realistic interpretation for yourself. Look at it from a different (outside) perspective.
  38. quelledanielle said: I was wondering the exact same thing today.
  39. downtownneverland answered: trust / take the high road coz you’re better than them :)
  40. andrehhh answered: Give zero fucks, really. If they are jealous is because you have/are something they don’t.
  41. pilaploza answered: Just TALK about it! Without sarcasm or irony or snapping at each other… most of the times ther’s no real reason to be jealous
  42. codesa-ndkeys said: You can always kill them.
  43. eclecticalsystem answered: the only real way is be more confident in yourself.
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  45. villondo answered: onlinecounsellingcolleg…